Construction Materials in Western Wisconsin

At Gerke Excavating Inc., we supply a wide range of construction materials for sale. No matter your needs, we carry plenty to choose from. Find aggregate base course, rip rap, recycled asphalt, and so much more. Contact us or stop in today!

Aggregate Base Course   

Base Aggregate

Typically composed of crushed rock. Aggregate Base Course is used for the layer of material directly under asphalt or concrete. Generally “ABC” is sized as 1/4" or 3/4" but can be crushed smaller by request. ABC can be used for driveways, paths, roads and anything that needs a hard surface.

Ag Lime   


Ag Lime is a soil additive made from pulverized limestone. Ag Lime increases the pH of acidic soils and provides a source of calcium and magnesium for plants. Ag Lime also improves the water penetration and improves the uptake of major plant nutrients. It helps farmers increase their yields.

Rip Rap   

Rip Rap

Rip Rap is typically used as armor for shorelines, streambeds, pilings and steep slopes from erosion. It can be in various sizes from 6" to 48", depending on the use.

Recycled Asphalt   

recycled asphalt

Salvaged asphalt from roadways, driveways and highways. Can be taken to a crusher and made into sized ABC. This works great for residential driveways and saves the material from being disposed of by burying.

Recycled Concrete   

recycled concrete

Salvaged concrete from highways, sidewalks, curbs and pipe. Can be taken to a crusher and made into sized ABC or select crushed material. This is a great option for municipal streets and highway reconstruction.

Fill Sand   

fill sand

Typically used to raise the elevation. There are many types, but generally the fill in this area is sandy with rocks less than 3".

Screened Fill Sand   


By running the fill sand through a 3/8" screening plant to guarantee a constant uniformity. There are multiple uses for this sand such as a leveling material, beaches, and volleyball courts (white sand), and granular fill, to name just a few. The fill sand can be screened to varying sizes for different uses.

Bedding Sand   


Many dairy farmers in the area use this screened white sand for bedding their cattle. Typically the material being screened is the same as regular screened sand.


top soil

Typically the upper portion of native soil. It is generally the top 2" - 8" and is highest in organic matter. There are many different specs for Topsoil. Topsoil can be custom mixed and screened by request.

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